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Our Team
Barbara Gross

Managing Director AND TRAVEL ADVISOR

My passion for Africa was originally ignited by my many trips to the bush whilst growing up in South Africa. My infectious bug of Africa has spilt over into my business which has enabled me to take numerous small group journeys to well researched and unique destinations in Africa. Exciting walking and specialised photographic safaris for the more adventurous has led us to very close encounters with game to get the adrenalin going. Child friendly safaris have been tried and tested by myself and these are often linked to nearby exotic beach-resort holidays.

I started this business 28 years ago and have travelled extensively to nearly every corner of the earth.

We are the first boutique Club Med office in Australia and our experienced staff have sampled many club med’s worldwide.

A new passion is cruising. How wonderful to wake up each day in a new city and only unpack once!

One of the highlights of my career was winning AFTA travel agency of the year Australia wide.

Lauryn Belleli

DIRECTOR AND travel advisor

After finishing my childcare Diploma and 3 years in the field, I decided that having my own children was enough. So I joined Sabra Travel (our family business) and I have never looked back. I have been very fortunate to have travelled a fair bit and I have taken my family along for the ride. From amazing destinations like Borneo, Fiji, Vanuatu, Hawaii, the USA, Thailand, Africa, Carribean and many more. My new personal mission is to get to EVERY Club Med around the world. I always say that the best travel agents are ones that travel themselves and taking my family brings another dimension to be a great agent.

Michael Shneier

Travel advisor

Travel has always been a passion for Michael. With 15 years’ experience and every continent covered, Michael now heads our corporate division. His ability to get you from point A to point B in less than an hour’s notice is his speciality.

Michael has worked for a number of the major corporate agencies, he has bought his professional approach and knowledge to Sabra travel.

Michelle Adler

travel advisor

Michelle has over 27 years’ experience in the travel industry incorporating leisure, corporate and group travel. She was awarded twice the Club Med top selling consultant of the year. Michelle prides herself in personal service and attention to detail.
Louise Glaser

travel advisor

 I have been in travel for over 46 years and have seen a huge amount of change in the industry. After these many years of experience, I have come to specialise in group travel for the Sydney Jewish Museum where I am a full time volunteer guide. I travel regularly and am passionate about cruises, especially when matching the right cruise to the right client. 

Annette Haifer

consultant and accountant

Annette joined Sabra Travel in June 1992 as the accounts manager and has been working with Barbara Gross ever since. Annette, who is also passionate about travel, has travelled extensively, many a time together with Barbara. In addition to her Accounting and Auditing skills, she also organises and coordinates group travel, some medical and some Golfing Tours around the world as she is an avid golfer, but will not disclose her handicap. Reliable sources say Annette had many Aces and Birdies.
Kharly Hair

travel advisor

I absolutely love working as a Travel Consultant & couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I have been in the industry since 2002 and traveled extensively – it is such a rewarding career.

I was fortunate enough to enter into Retail Travel straight from school & have covered all areas from retail, group bookings, and high end leisure to Corporate Management, however my passion is the retail industry.

I specialize in weddings, honeymoons, baby-moons and family/friends group travel.

I have traveled to New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu, Hawaii, USA, UK & Europe and various parts of Asia and do not plan on stopping any time soon on exploring the world!

Janelle Levett

travel advisor

For the past 15 years, I have had the pleasure of travelling around this wonderful world quite extensively.  I have to say my passion is Europe, the culture, the people and the history. However that hasn’t stopped me visiting NYC many times, always discovering some new area, or restaurant, or enjoying the natural and unique beauty South America has to offer. Im lucky to have taken my family with me to most of these places, from staying in Kasbahs in Morocco to skiing in St Moritz, and tobogganing down from the Great Wall of China, they have been lucky to experience all of this too. I am totally enjoying making my way through my travel bucket list!
Lynn Mayer

travel advisor

I have been a Travel Consultant since 1987 including 6 years working as a Travel Consultant in Los Angeles. I am extremely passionate about Travelling and even though I have travelled extensively, there are still many places I still want to visit on my Bucket List. I believe that in this day and age with lives being so busy and stressful, holidays are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity.

I love working with people and take great pride in planning trips for my clients. Customer service is very important to me and I will always treat my client’s trips as if it was my own trip.
Debbie Moldovan

travel advisor

 Sabra Travel is lucky to have a person like Debbie Moldovan. A Pharmacist by trade however embraced the interesting World of Travel and is an expert at both skills. Debbie is familiar with the most interesting travel destinations because of her own personal travels many times around the Globe. From Cairns to Las Vegas, from New York to Paris and from Beijing to Bangkok or Tokyo, you name it and Debbie will be able to recommend to best of the best. Call her… she is ready to take your call.
Lynne Michel           

travel advisor

 My love of travel and adventure led me into the world of Travel Consulting. I have over 10 years experience working as a Travel Advisor and have been travelling independently for over 40 years. During my travels, I have acquired a great deal of knowledge, which I love sharing with my clients. Over the years, I have also accumulated a large network of contacts, ranging from local guides to intimate B&B’s and speciality tour operators. My clients come from all walks of life and I treat each client's trip as if it was my own, with no request being too great or small.

It is a great privilege and immensely satisfying to have my clients entrust me with making their travel dreams come true. 

Paulette Paradise

tRavel advisor

I am a passionate person love dealing with people. Who cannot love the travel game? Booking people on holidays. No more needs to be said?? Right??

My motto is work is not work if you love what you do and I do!!!!

Rita Polovin

travel advisor

 With a true passion for everything travel, I specialise as a luxury travel consultant, with an expertise  in researching unique properties and destinations.
I pride myself on always being on a mission to bring new and exciting travel tips and inspiration from around the globe to my clients.
Liora Sarif

travel advisor

 After completing a Bachelor of Arts Degree, I decided to go into the travel Industry, and 20 years later I have not looked back. I am very fortunate to have been given the opportunities to travel and experience some amazing destinations that I can confidently pass onto my clients, from the Alps in Colorado to the beaches in Bali. I specialise in family and leisure travel, and my passion is putting together personal and exciting itineraries for each individual person or family. I love learning and experiencing new destinations so I can pass this onto my clients.
Daryl Hees

travel advisor

Love of adventure and new experiences is what drew me to travel. Exploring out of the way places, tasting exotic and unusual foods and getting lost in local markets makes for magical memories.
I have travelled extensively in Europe from the big cities to the countryside.I love living amongst the locals in the small out of the way spots and travelling the countryside by the fabulous rail network.
India and Laos are some of my favourite destinations and I really enjoy putting together itineraries to these colourful sensual countries. My motto is “Travel is the only thing you spend your money on that makes you richer”
Rochelle Solsky

travel advisor

 I have been in the industry now for many years and I pride myself on giving a very personalised service. I love understanding my client’s needs for each trip and then finding the right destination and the right route, flights, hotels and activities for them.

I specialise in high end travel for couples and families as well as Club Med Holidays. I travel a lot and have firsthand experience for many destinations and my clients tend to do the trips I have done.  I just love travel/travelling as well as really nice hotels.

Edana Chilchik

travel advisor

I am a school teacher by profession and after 27 years of teaching joined Sabra Travel to make my love of Travelling my new career. Passionate about Travel I use all of my experience to act as your personal Travel concierge developing itineraries and identifying those once in a lifetime experiences that will create lasting memories and have you asking me and the Team and Sabra travel to arrange your next adventure.