About Us

Established in 1986, Sabra Travel is one of the most solid and professional travel management companies in Sydney. Director Barbara Gross takes pride in their extensive knowledge and experience of places to visit, places to stay and the best the world has to offer. We are passionate about travel and have an amazing team of consultants with priceless personal knowledge and the skills to manage all your corporate, leisure and family travel needs.We enjoy long lasting, professional relationships with our clients and we work hard to find solutions to all your travel needs and challenges.

We are proud of what we can offer. Call us to find out more about Sabra Travel’s world of experience and how we can share it with you.

Take A Cruise

Speciality cruises for travellers
seeking a unique brand of fun and relaxation.

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Club Med

Exceptional destinations, innovative activities with no hidden costs.

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Group Tour

We have some exiting tours on offer

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